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Tremendous Rise Of Mobile Notary Business


Mobile Notary are basically Notary Public who can travel to your office or home to notarize specific documents or set of documents. These sets of documents can range from legal documens such as Trusts and Wills, home loan documents etc. The job of Pittsburgh Notary Service is to verify the signer’s identity, scrutinizes and examines the signer's signature and then signs and stamps the documents. The job is simple but very crucial, and so should be performed carefully. After the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the working in many trade and industries worldwide changed drastically.

As a result, Mobile Notary Pittsburgh came into demand as well as in significance. Due to imposed lockdown and restricted movements in Notary Services Pittsburgh, residents found themselves safer at home and prefer to “work from home”. The professionals who were employed felt the need of notarizing an important set of documents. It saw a huge spike in requests for services on power of attorney, wills, advanced medical directives, pension forms, and other important personal documents. Despite a sharp fall down in many businesses and professions, many

Mobile Notary Pittsburgh had a terrific professional year. In 2020, the search for Mobile Notaries increased by an unprecedented 1,750 percent, which clearly exhibits the need and demand of Mobile Notary Pittsburgh.

In the last few years, the business of Mobile Notary Pittsburgh has increased tremendously. Yes, being a Mobile Notary is worth it, as every signing agent is earning handsomely. According to surveys done on Mobile Notary worldwide, it is estimated that more than half of all full-time Mobile Notaries earn around $2,000 or more a month. The two thirds of full-time professionals with 3 years of experience are earning around $4,000 or more a month, while around 16 percent earn more than $7,500 a month. Likewise speaking, it is estimated that around 43 percent of all part-time and self-employed Mobile Notaries earn around $ 500 a month while 30 percent earn more than $1000 a month. To conclude, around 88 percent of full-time professionals and 80 percent of part-time professionals are considering the business of Mobile Notary profitable. For this reason, the business of Mobile Notary Pittsburgh has skyrocketed and is now showing significant growth. Last year, Pittsburgh Notary Service witnessed an unparalleled flood of requests to notarize wills, powers of attorney, pension forms, healthcare directives and more.

There are basically five fundamental steps to market yourself as Mobile Notary Pittsburgh and they are: -

  1. Do create a brand name for your business and promote it aggressively. Do use your specialty in your customized letterhead, business website, social media platforms, email tagline, business cards and signage.

  2. Do pay full attention to your community. Do reach out to maximum people and share your business details with them.

  3. Try to give some type of incentives or benefits to your customers.

  4. Do make optimum usage of popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) to offer value and substance to your customers. Do share valuable information and take their suggestions and feedback to make yourself popular among your client base.

  5. Go for tracking, as it is as important as finding new business. Do take surveys of your customer in knowing where they heard about you. It will give you the perception of moving ahead in promoting your business in future.

With the massive rise in the business of Mobile Notary Pittsburgh, many people are looking for new income opportunities in this struggling economy and are applying for Notary Commissions. The fees or charges of Mobile Notary largely depends on the papers to be notarized. The State Law sets the highest charges allowed and notaries can charge any amount up to that limit. It is believed that standard notary costs range from $0.25 to $20 and are billed on a per-signature or per-person basis. The mortgage closing can cost dearer than other papers to notarize. Furthermore, Mobile Notary Pittsburgh will be charging extra travel fees along with standard notary fees, if they have to travel to get papers signed from the clients.

Yes, being a notary is a good side hustle! It is because being Mobile Notary Pittsburgh can give you flexibility in working hours to suit your needs. The job is well compensated for the amount of work involved. The job of loan signing agent hardly requires 1 to 2 hours and you are easily compensated for around $ 75 to $ 200 per signing job. The persons have the convenience to enter this industry by completing a short notary course, pass the exam and submit your application to the licensing department. It works well as side hustle as it requires low start-up investment. As a professional, you have to pay for the registration fees, purchase a surety bond, business journal and notary stamp. In many cases, the start-up cost is around $200.

Pittsburgh Notary Service, a reliable and trustworthy name among leading Mobile Notary Pittsburgh, delivers a range of notary services across the Pittsburgh area. We offer a range of Pittsburgh Notary services which include General Notary services, Commercial Notary Services and Real Estate Notary Services, and can make fixed appointments to meet our clients in their office, home, hospital or at their preferred venue. Do connect us for any type of Mobile Notary Pittsburgh services at

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